Free Courtesy Car While We Repair Yours


At Monteith and Parker we understand how frustrating it can be to be without a car and trying to go about your day with your vehicle at the repair shop. This is why are proud to be able to offer you a free courtesy car to use while we work on your vehicle. All we ask for in return for this service is that you replace the fuel you use while you have our car. As many happy customers take advantage of this service, if you would like to use this service we ask that you book an appointment with us so we can make sure we have a courtesy car available for you.


Free Basic Assessment and Estimates


At Monteith and Parker we understand that there is nothing worse than not knowing what is wrong with your vehicle or dropping it off to get repaired and being presented with a huge bill as the work has already been done. This is why we offer a free cooling system and radiator assessing and quality service. We are happy to provide you with a written quote for all work that needs to be done on your vehicle or component. If for any unforeseen circumstances the job will exceed the quoted price we will contact you to discuss this and see if you would like to proceed. This is our promise to you.

We also provide WINZ quotes and do work for all major mechanical warranty companies.


Cooling System Servicing and Drive In/ Drive Out Service


Having specialized in automotive cooling systems since 1923, we can solve all of your vehicles issues in house to minimize inconvenience and the cost of using outside specialists From replacing a hose clamp on a leaking coolant line to building a custom radiator and high performance fans, we do it all in our well-equipped workshop in the heart of Hamilton.


Coolant Changes


Antifreeze or coolant has two main functions, it stops the fluid in the cooling system from freezing in cold conditions and raises the boiling point in hot ones. It also has corrosion inhibitors to stop the cooling system corroding and leaking.
Not all coolants are compatible for if you mechanic offers to do a coolant change beware. If different types of coolant are mixed it can cause chemical corrosion and destroy your radiators heater and even engine block, sometimes in a matter of months.
The only way to change coolant properly, if you don’t know exactly what is currently in the system is to thoroughly flush all the old coolant and contamination from the system, including all bypass lines, radiator heater and block. Then refill the system with the correct amount of coolant and bleed all of the air out of the system.
If your coolant hasn’t been changed lately or is discoloured, come and see us for a professional service backed by over 90 years of expertise.


Automotive Air-conditioning

Gone are the days of winding down the car window and driving faster to cool the inside your vehicle down. Most automotive manufacturers have offered air-conditioning as an option since the late 1970’s and is standard since the starts of the 1990’s. The air conditioning system of your vehicle has two important functions. The first of these is to keep you cool in hot conditions, increasing your comfort and lessening driver fatigue. The second but lesser thought of function is the air conditioning system actually dries the air inside your vehicle to demist and help keep your windows clear to improve driving safety and visibility.

At Monteith and Parker we can repair or supply most automotive air
conditioning components.
We specialize in repairing and straightening accident damaged air
conditioning condensers.

We also offer a drive in complete diagnostic and repair service for your car or light commercial vehicle and have approved fillers certification so you can be confident that we handle the ozone depleting refrigerants in your vehicle according to the Environmental Protection Agency requirements.
(In your vehicle)

Contact us today to see how we can help your keep your cool

Here at Monteith and Parker Auto Radiators we are your one stop shop for all of your Automotive, Industrial, Agricultural and Earthmoving Radiator Repair and Cooling System Services. From the smallest stone hole in a Motorcycle Radiator to a complete rebuild of a CAT 797 Dump Truck Radiator we do it all in our well equipped workshop in Hamilton in the heart of the Waikato. Since 1923 we have specialised in Radiator Repair and can work with all materials  that radiators are constructed from including – Plastic Tanked Radiators, Copper and Brass Radiators, Steel Radiators, Complete Alloy Radiators or any combination of materials from the newest units to the oldest of vintage radiators. We also repair and service Heater Radiators, Fuel Tanks, Oil Coolers, Intercoolers and Automotive Air-Conditioning Condensers, Hoses and Lines. We specialise in High Performance and Custom Cooling Systems for all sorts of modified vehicles including Hotrods, Muscle Cars, Vintage Cars and Race Cars. We can also Supply New or Custom Build just about any radiator you require for your application.

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